Bilingual Therapy Services (Spanish)

Assessment and Treatment

When a child is exposed to more than one language and there are speech and language concerns, it is important to determine whether the child has a speech or language difference or disorder.  The first step in determining whether the child has a difference or a disorder is through a comprehensive speech and language evaluation in the child’s first and second languages. 


It is best practice to provide assessment and treatment in all of the languages the child is exposed to. A bilingual assessment gives us a true representation of the child’s skills, and bilingual treatment increases the child’s abilities to participate in more meaningful speech and language interactions with family and in the community. Providing services in the child’s first and second languages will also help reduce the effects of subtractive bilingualism (loss of first language during the process of learning a second language) that is often seen in children who are acquiring a second language, during language development. 


At Beyond Words, we have highly trained speech-language pathologists with vast experience working with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In addition, we also have a bilingual (Spanish/English) SLP on staff with experience in bilingual assessments and providing treatment to bilingual children and adults with a variety of disabilities.