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Dedicated to providing high quality, effective speech and language therapy for children, teens and adults.

About Us

Beyond Words SLP is a private practice offering speech, language, and literacy therapy for children, teens and adults.

We offer comprehensive evaluations to identify each client’s strengths and needs. We provide personalized, engaging therapy to focus on building confidence and self-advocacy skills.

No matter where a person starts with us, it is our mission uncover and remove roadblocks on the path to more successful and meaningful communication.


Kendra Snow




Is Your Loved One Struggling?
We Specialize in These Areas:

Comprehensive Evaluations & Therapy

Tongue Thrust & Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs):  

Adult Voice and Swallowing

Sessions Convenient for You

Support for Speech, Swallowing, Oromyofunctional Disorders, Aphasia Language and Literacy are provided where convenient for you: in clinic visits or Teletherapy.

Teletherapy sessions are offered over a private platform to allow speech pathologists to meet the needs of individuals with the same high-quality care from the convenience of your home or office. Whether your schedule requires flexibility or you live out of town, online therapy is an evidence-based and effective solution available to those with reliable web connection capabilities.