Focused Services

At Beyond Words we are here to help individuals achieve their full potential and by removing barriers, providing effective therapy and working with families and other professionals collaboratively to provide quality, evidence based comprehensive speech – language therapy. We believe in education and collaboration as the key to progress.


Focused Services We Provide:

Correcting speech sound errors and improving the ability to be understood in speech motor patterns and the production of speech.

Incorrect movement, posture and functioning of oral structures that interfere with normal growth, development or function. Including tongue thrust, oral resting posture, sucking habits, poor swallowing and the co-occurrence of these conditions with speech errors.

Receptive language:  Understanding, receiving and processing verbal information  

Expressive Language: Effectively communicating wants & needs by putting words together

Using verbal and non verbal communication skills for problem solving, self-advocacy & conversation skills.

How different letters and sounds create words to speak, read and write.  Children develop this skill at preschool age through rhyming, alliteration, segmenting words into smaller units, combining and separating words, and understanding that words are made up of sounds that represent letters. 

We provide free screenings to children at daycare centers, private schools and the public.